We live in a part of the world where there is a sharp contrast between the realities experienced from generation to generation. The 21st Century generation of Nigerians only met what I call “The good old days” stories of Nigeria, when 1 naira equals 1 dollar and how you would automatically get a good job upon graduation from the University. This informed the enforcing of formal education by most parents, believing that it was the yardstick for the success of their wards in the highly competitive world. But the opposite seems to be the results gotten by most Nigerians as the times have changed and the rate of unemployment among university graduates have skyrocketed, entrepreneurship in all of its forms has become the major driver of our economy today, necessitating the need not only to be educated formally but also to be skilled in a craft, as we see in our world today, where youths plunge actively into entrepreneurship to earn a decent living. 

This realization of the unique possibilities now available to both the well-educated child who decides to build a career and the skillful artisan who decides to build a business and the fierceness of the competition in both worlds coupled with the scarcity of professionals proffering efficient solutions became the driving force and motivation that birthed our company (MILLENNIUM TUTORS). 

To become Nigeria’s number 1 educational and skill acquisition Organization, pioneering the desired change in both the educational sector and the economy at large, by producing highly successful intellectuals as well as world class skillful artisans (entrepreneurs), who will consistently utilize their skill and creativity to foster Nation building. 

  • We aim at providing quality academic tutoring and skill acquisition programs to foster the mental development of our students, increasing the quality of information and expertise they are being exposed to, resulting in the production of highly valuable and effective individuals who are ready to dominate their chosen field and profession. 
  • We believe that the quality of the human mind is directly proportional to the level of productivity and the quality of life lived by such individual, and hence, as a company, we are committed to providing the right information, skill, culture, ethics, and imbibe the right attitude needed to develop our students mind appropriately. 

Our Core Values


As a company we operate by strong ethical and moral principles. We act with honesty, honour and truthfulness hence delivering all the promised values at all times and without prejudice. 


We are adaptable, insightful and innovative. We understand that every individual is unique and has something to offer. So we focus on catalysing the self discovery process by giving room for imaginative exploration and inspiring optimism. 


Customer Experiance

Our Clients and their wards are a core element of our organization, giving you a great customer experience everytime is our top priority.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to consistently adopting improved trends and methodologies in every facets of our organization's operations. We are given to being up to date at all times to such end that we deliver top-notch services always.


We are highly motivated educators and go out of our convenience to ensure that lives are enriched by the knowledge and Skill we impart. 


As a company building a community of highly versatile scholars both in learning and skill, we are accessible to our clients at all times and uphold an open source of sharing all that we do with the world and get feedbacks that leads to further customercentric improvements. 


We strongly believe that learning should be fun and exciting, and that a lot can be achieved under a relaxing atmosphere. We are excited about what we do and the difference we are making, spreading love, light and happiness while maintaining focus as we achieve great results.


As a company, we have carefully recruited and employed highly intelligent and professional educators with topnotch communication skills and a minimum of two (2) years’ experience in the educational field to handle the academics needs of our students as well as expert artisans and entrepreneurs across various industries to handle the skill acquisition trainings. Leading this team of top professionals is the visionary and Director of this great Company, Mr Abdullahi Raji Omotosho.