Kids do better in school when parents are involved in their academic activities. Giving quality attention and holding your kids accountable for academic excellence is a needed trigger that sets children up for a great academic year.

As a parent, once of the most liberating truths that’s will set you free and impact your child’s academic performance is that fact that “learning is a skill”.

A skill that can be learnt. The same way you teach a child to ride a bicycle or play football better is the same way you can teach a child to learn better. Your child’s academic result e whether good or otherwise should not be attributed to superior or inferior cognitive ability outrightly. Most times poor results are a reflection of 3 things, how a child has been taught, study habits developed overtime and the willingness of the child to put in the required efforts.

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Here are 3 “not so common” tips that has proved helpful with many children over the years:

1. Stop hyping your kids about their intelligence or labelling then as not smart enough. This gives them a fixed mindset that’s they are pressured to live up to. This fixed mindset can prove counter-productive. Rather commend then for the efforts they’ve put into their academic work.

In the event that they perform below expectation, probe into how much work they put into it and encourage them to put in more work next time.

2. Stop getting their school work done for them. Rather, get them to do their school work themselves while you supervise and encourage them. This helps them develop a personalized learning pattern, build focus and improve their memory.

3. Help them create and stick to a daily study habit. Habits determine outcomes. Do these 3 things consistently and you’ll be surprised by the results you’d get.

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