This should be a very interesting one especially if you need some brain boosters for that next assignment. This is especially for you if you’ve noticed a decline in your assimilation rate, or you find yourself staring at a single page for hours without being able to recall most of what you’ve read.

So get in here, as I share with you 5 powerful tips most students ignore yet potent to deliver fast assimilation and retention.

1. EXERCISE A FEW TIMES A WEEK: it’s been found that physical exercises does not just keep you fit and in shape but also help to develop healthier brain cells. 30 minutes a day won’t hurt dear.

2. BE CREATIVE: Don’t be docile!!! Routine activities are okay but can sometimes create mental fatigue. Break out from the norm once in a while, engage in creative activities; cooking, outdoor sports, games, anything other than studying or working helps you relax.

3. SOCIALIZE: We know how important coming out with great grades is, but taking out 20-30 minutes to talk to a friend wouldn’t hurt, would it? In fact, research has it that as little as a 10 minutes conversation per day can help your memory and brain performance. All work and no play made Jack a full boy. Don’t be like Jack!!!!!

4. MAKE TAKING A POWER NAP AN HABIT: Sleeping at night is great, and taking a power nap in between studying or working rejuvenates your body for another round of learning.

5. EAT HEALTHY: You are what you eat dear. Junk in, junk out. Eat whole meal and water, not fizzy drinks. And don’t forget that taking food supplements and multivitamins are also essential parts of eating healthy.

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