Learning a skill is a realization everyone has woken up to in this age. People are getting more aware of the growth and changes going around them. The world is tilting towards what you can do rather than what you know. And consciousness is very much evident that a larger percentage of youths have, are learning or plan to learn a digital skill.

Design, programming, video editing, and several other creative careers are grossing a lot of attention, the major breakouts are experienced in the tech – digital space. The surge in creative careers can also be attributed to desperation or the search for alternative careers. Nigeria does not have a lot of jobs to go round for the labor market.

Leaves the only option that guarantees a future to learning a skill, and trying your hands on several opportunities. Learning in itself becomes a survival skill at this point.

However, the process of learning is not as easy as it seems. There are days when your energy is at lower levels and you are unmotivated. Procrastination is another challenge in the event of learning amongst several others. Learning is naturally tasking and our brain naturally wants to do tasks that are fun rather than consuming.

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It’s human nature if left without supervision that we abandon learning. There is even a high probability that you reading this have a history of abandoning an online course but with direction from our tutors at Millennium Tutors.

Assessments will hold regularly and it will help you test proficiency in whatever you’re learning on our platform, be it academic lessons or skill acquisition classes.

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